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What are the three main ELEMENTS OF COST ?
“The verification of cost accounts and a check on the adherence to the cost accounting plan.” This definition is given by which institute ?
The elements of Indirect Expenses.
Direct expenses are also called
Cost accounting is basically used by
What is a Tender?
________is the next best alternative forgone.
Fixed cost is also known as
The aggregate of prime cost and factory overhead is called
What is the main objective of Cost Accounting ?
What are the types of wastage?
Name the account which is prepared to ascertain the cost of a Contract and drafted on some terms and conditions of adjustment agreed upon between the contractor and the contractee.
The cost incurred in conducting a business activities to not manufacture any product that provide services is called
When goods are produced from a suite sequence of continuous or repetitive operation or process the cost incurred during a period is considered as
________ is the aggregate cost related to the cost unit which consists of a group of similar articles which maintain their identity throughout one or stage of production.
Causes of abnormal wastage are?
BEP is a point at which?
What is the effect of decrease in variable cost on BEP?
The cost which is to be incurred even when a business unit is closed is a?
The cost which tends to directly vary with the volume of activity is called?
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Cost Accounting Test
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